Processing time

I made a small test of a sequence with 106 photos.
I’ve uploaded them 48 hours ago, in the iPhone app they are still shown as ‘processing’.
How long is the “normal” processing time?

Also, what language is ‘Nis’; abbreviated Turkish?

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Normally processing of sequence just takes 30m - 40m but it may change due to intensity of users.

Also for date we will fix it thanks!

The sequence is still processing.
How can I get it unstuck?

Your sequence in processing queue and it will be processed after other sequences.

We are aiming to decrease this time until we publish stable version of Mapilio and it’s services.

@habi, due to our servers running at a lower capacity, data processing times may vary and could take anywhere from one hour up to a week to complete.

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@habi, We have made localization improvements in the new version. It will be released in the store soon.

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